Financial Giving at newHope



We encourage those who are a part of the newHope family to give financially in support of the church’s mission and vision. At newHope all giving is a decision for each individual and family to make willingly and joyfully.

The words of the Bible and Jesus bring true life, freedom and light to every area of our lives. They teach, challenge and encourage us in the topics of money and wealth, financial stewardship, giving and generosity. In March 2019 we participated in a series of messages about the Bible and what it teaches believers about money, which was titled ‘Free, Faithful, Fruitful’. That series of messages can be accessed here.

Here are a number Scriptures that help guide us in our giving to the local church in which God has planted us. We encourage you to read and consider these Scriptures for yourself as you decide how to give and fuel your local church family.

In light of these Scriptures and many others, we believe the type of giving that reflects 1) a trust in God, 2) belonging to a local church, and 3) a love for the work of the Gospel is:

  • Priority Giving - Giving as the first act of stewardship of our finances. Honouring God with our money and wealth by giving to Him our first and best.

  • Percentage Giving - Giving a percentage of our income that reflects personal generosity. Each person must decide in their own heart a percentage that reflects Jesus’ Lordship and authentic generosity in this area of their lives.

  • Progressive Giving - Giving that grows and excels in the grace of giving over time. This again is a matter for each person's willingness, heart and ability.

Our heart as a church is to see people experience the freedom, faithfulness and fruitfulness in generosity and the financial aspects of their lives. People at newHope are free to give cheerfully and as they decide. We recognise that this topic is a challenge for so many because of personal attitudes towards money, previous church experiences or many other reasons.

Our hope and prayer is that you'll understand and trust the amazing words of the Bible about giving, and that you'll experience the blessing of living generously.

We thank those who call newHope their local church for their faithfulness and generosity which enables newHope to reach people, resource ministry and release vision. We also thank those beyond the newHope family who give generously because they believe in what we're about.


1) SET UP RECURRING GIVING via this link, using the "Pay Now" button under the giving campaign header.

2) Via your own Internet Banking make a recurring or one-time giving to the following account:

Account Name: NewHope Church

BSB: 704 922

Account: 100 011 806

Reference: Surname + "Offering"

3) Via Paypal to the following email address -

4) At our Sunday Gatherings by eftpos or cash/cheque at the information table

5) Online using the 'Give Here' button directly above.