We Are Hiring


We're Seeking a next Generations Intern to grow and strengthen our core of youth and young adults at newhope...

Candidates for this role are expected to possess the following:

  • A genuine and growing relationship with God
  • Christlike character and a lifestyle fitting Christian ministry
  • An ability to reach and relate to teenagers and young adults
  • A hunger to learn and grow in leadership and ministry
  • A chemistry with the values and vision of newHope

The 3 age groups this role ministers primarily to are:

  • Middle School - Years 5-8 at school
  • Senior School - Years 9-12 at school
  • Young Adults - School leavers to mid 20’s

The role includes 10 hours of paid employment per week, plus involvement in our Sunday morning service. Any additional hours the candidate offers to the church would be considered a voluntary component of the internship.

In return, our church and pastor are committed to the personal, spiritual and professional development of the Next Generations Intern. We are committed to them loving their role, developing their leadership and other gifts, and flourishing in life. We take the responsibility of caring for newHope’s people seriously and providing flexibility, support and whatever else is needed to reflect true Biblical partnership in God’s Kingdom work.

To apply, please contact our Lead Pastor (David O’Connor) via email at doc@newhope.family and include a copy of your resume and a one-page letter outlining why you are interested in this role at newHope.

More detail about the Next Generations Internship can be downloaded here.