Circles (Groups and Ministries)


Circles are the small groups and ministries of newHope.

There are circles for kids, youth, young adults, women, men and families. These are an opportunity to connect, support, share stories, and bless people beyond newHope.

newHope Kids is for children aged 1 through to grade 6 in school. They meet in three different age-appropriate programs when we gather as a church on Sundays:

  • NK Minis for kids aged 1-2/3 (currently only once/month)

  • NK Jr. for kids aged 3/4 through to grade 2 (every Sunday Gathering)

  • NK Sr. for kids in grades 3-6 (every Sunday Gathering)

Our youth ministry meets in two separate age appropriate circles.

  • The Crew for years 3-6 at school (meeting Friday fortnightly)

  • The Core for years 7-10 at school (meeting Friday fortnightly)

Our Young Adults circle is for those who are aged 16 (year 11) through to early 20’s. Our young adults circle meets fortnightly.

Discussion Groups meet that cater for men and women. Each discussion group has a slightly different shape, so you're able to try out different small groups until you find one you're most comfortable in.

Seasonal Groups meet for a short-term (usually between 5-10 weeks) and cover a specific topic or short-course. These happen from time to time and you'll hear about them via our email newsletter which you can subscribe to below.

Other interest, social and sporting groups are starting and developing as time goes on. If you have an idea of how people could gather as a circle around a common interest or activity, please speak to newHope’s pastor or a member of the leadership team, or complete the form below.

Hopscotch is our playgroup for parents and their children below school age. More information can be found here.

If you'd like to find out more or begin to connect with one of our circles, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch to help.

Small Groups and Ministries Enquiry Form

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